Balloon Guru Game

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Fly as high as you possibly can and compete with your friends. With enough practice you can become the best balloon guru in the world!


Gameplay for everyone

Just tilt your phone in the direction you want to fly and navigate with precision. It’s easy for people in all ages!

A flying adventure

Play different stages with beautiful graphics and a lot of different challenges. We will continuously release more stages and new worlds for you to play.

Reach new heights

Use extra balloons, rockets, fireworks and your booster to tackle all the challenges that you will face on your journey.

Rockets are the fastest way upwards!Fireworks will get you past dangers aheadUse balloon shields to navigate safely


When you pass a friend on the high score they will be taunted the next time they start Balloon Guru.

Watch out for falling objects!Compete against your friends and the world

About Almost Fantastic

Our dream was to start our own game studio to make games for others to enjoy. We quit our day jobs and haven’t looked back since. We learned a lot from Tick Tock Toad and have used all of our knowledge to give you the best flying experience a balloon guru could ever enjoy.