Tick Tock Toad released!

Our very first game, Tick Tock Toad is finally released on the Swedish market! More markets will come shortly as we add more content and functionality to the game.


It has been an amazing journey from the start of development in October of last year. Actually it started a few months earlier than that. We had decided to quit our jobs and give this, building games for a living, a serious chance back in August. Shortly after that we spent a weekend in Dalarna (rural part of Sweden) where the goal was to brainstorm game ideas.

We had a very successful weekend and left Dalarna with more than 25 ideas for games. Some were grand ideas, some were small and quite a few were silly. When we got back to Stockholm our first task was to try to choose which game to start working on. We arranged all our ideas in four quadrants with one axis indicating work needed and the other axis indicating estimated reward. Ideally you want to start with ideas that are marked as little work and high reward. That is how we got to choose Tick Tock Toad as our first game to build.

effort vs value

The original idea was just to build a 2D game with a never ending game mode where you tapped the screen to eat flies. Eat fast enough or you will starve. Pretty simple. A few weeks into development we made a conscious decision to increase the scope and functionality for the game considerably. We wanted to add a story for the game, more levels, upgrades, equipment, in app purchases, ads and well… you name it!

We chose to do this because we thought it would make a better and more complete game and also we wanted to learn about how to implement all these different concepts. And we have learned a great deal and above all, it have been great fun!

The game is developed in Unity with C# as the scripting language. Graphics is made in Adobe Illustrator and music is made in Logic.

We are immensely grateful for the music in the game created by Erik Rydmark at songshaper.se!

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