Deploy with Octopus Deploy when you can’t use OctoPack

We’re using TeamCity and Octopus Deploy for building and deploying web projects when working on commission.

OctoPack is a Module for TeamCity which packs your project into a nuget package, uploads it to the build in octopus repo, creates a release and optionally deploys it to an environment of choice. This works very well for .net projects.

OctoPack is however NOT built for any other types of projects than C# so if you, for example, want to deploy an html-only site there is no easy way to do that.

deploy-local-folder-with-octopus provides an easy way to do that.

  1. Download octo.exe
  2. Copy deploy-local-folder-with-octopus.ps1 to the build agent
  3. Configure deploy-local-folder-with-octopus.ps1 with your project name, Api key, package name you would like, folder to be deployed and also environment you wish to target in octopus
  4. Add a Powershell build step to TeamCity.
    1. Use path/to/deploy-local-folder-with-octopus.ps1 on the build agent as file
    2. As Script Arguments, put: %build.number%